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Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Full Circle is focused on helping organizations develop a solid brand strategy. Every organization has an inspiring story and needs to provide a unique, audience-driven experience. Both are built over time through strong and consistent communication at every touchpoint – from logo design to experiential signage and from website design and video production. Creating effective brands and brand communication requires consistency and discipline to ensure all materials correctly portray the brand, create an emotional connection with each audience, and deliver on the brand promise.

Logo Design

A good identity and branding platform is critical in the perception of your organization. It’s the face of your company, even more than the actual faces within your organization. As the foundation of who you are and is part of everything you do, it can help carry your unique message and strategically position your company.

Full Circle, one of West Michigan’s best in logo design, has designed hundreds of logos for all types of businesses and industries. Our creative team has just the right touch to illustrate a mark that is unique and relevant to your business. From tough and industrial to soft, subtle and consumer-focused, we have the skillset and experience to design you the perfect identity. Whether you’re located in Grand Rapids or not, we can help you with your logo design. And all of the other associated materials including business cards, letterhead, folders and other marketing materials.