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Are colors, finishes, paints or textiles critical to the selection of your products? We’ve designed a web-based tool that makes it simple to manage all of these options. It provides users the ability to search, sort and filter by any type of category you want. And you can download a swatch or even order a sample right through the site.

  • A single, online archive to house all materials and finish swatches.
  • Universal access via any web-based computer with any browser giving anyone around the world access.
  • Robust filtering and search capabilities to make it easy and intuitive to find finishes or to what products they can be applied.
  • Customization of branding, categories, and hierarchy, and functionality of materials and finishes.
  • E-commerce for users to order samples or swatches.
  • Simple admin to upload, categorize and populate new assets.
  • Open-source CMS platform giving you ownership of the tool and code.