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Campaign Development and Media Planning

Campaign strategy, creative development and media planning can be one of the most powerful and effective tools in reaching your current and prospective customers. By defining the personas of your target audiences, you can use traditional and digital marketing tactics to reach online customers through a variety of platforms, messages and targeting efforts. All with the goal of driving users to engage with your content, visit your website or contact you about more information.

Full Circle provides a full range of search engine optimization (SEO) services to help you improve your Google ranking as well as other search engines. By improving your natural rankings in search engines for relevant keywords and phrases, you will drive more new traffic to your site. Legitimate SEO is not a quick process – it is a long-term, on-going activity that often takes some time to see desired results. Although we (or anyone) can never guarantee a top ranking, the methods we use are proven to deliver long-term results that add value to your business through increased rankings, and value to the users that visit your site.

There are many factors, both on and off your website, that Google and the other major search engines consider when choosing which pages rank high for different searches. Our SEO services address these ranking factors, and determine how to optimize around URL structure, title tags, keywords and other SEO tactics.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), or paid search marketing, can help you capture relevant traffic from the search engines quickly. While with organic SEO it takes time to rise to the top of the rankings, paid search campaigns allow you to appear at the top in Google’s sponsored search results. Full Circle can help you create and manage successful PPC campaigns that will drive new and highly qualified traffic to your website - generating more leads, sales, and customers in the process.

The display advertising category is exploding as marketers are realizing they can target very specific audiences by online behavior, demographics, and geography to only present their digital ad to the right people. This can drive web traffic and conversion leading to more engagement and sales opportunities. The opportunities are endless, but you need a knowledgeable partner to help you navigate this space.

Any successful business endeavor requires good strategic planning and clearly defined objectives for success, and effective social media marketing is no different. Too often, we see companies jump into social media head first without a well-defined strategy or clear objectives, and — worst-case scenario — without a plan for measuring success.

Understanding what you want to accomplish and how we will measure it are critical components of the social media strategies we develop for you. Our approach is to help you with strategy to utilize social media more effectively.

Tracking and measuring online campaigns allow us to change, modify and adapt to what campaigns are working. This allows you to measure your ROI and ensure your dollars are hard at work and results are achieved.